Culture Book

You may have already heard…​

but read it clearly here: we are a little different. Not crazy different, but different in ways that work for our family and our customers. The importance we place on our culture here is real. Our culture is alive and evolves, but it always stays true to its roots. We are a family. In fact, your family is also part of our family. So that makes us a really huge family. We work together, we hang out together. Like most families, we all have our strengths, quirks, warts…we love them all. Bring your whole self to work.

That’s why we put this together to give you a sense of the culture at Agile Defense, the ties that bind us as coworkers and as people and the values that help us meet the Agile Defense vision.

Miemo, Cass & Morgan at Disney World
Agile Defense Basketball Team