Culture Book

Achieving personal growth and success

Families are intertwined in respect, care, and support. Ours is no different. At Agile Defense we celebrate your personal career milestones…as you grow professionally, so does the Agile Defense family – we become a stronger, more successful unit.

To achieve your full potential, Agile Defense provides the tools you need to help accomplish your personal and professional goals such as:

  • challenging and rewarding work
  • opportunities for growth through the Mentorship Program as a Mentee, and to give back as a Mentor
  • leadership opportunities
  • financial support through our generous Professional Development Program
  • quarterly check-in with your supervisor for support and goal focus
  • Student Loan Refinance Program to help you save money through lower interest rates and payment protections with no origination fees or pre-payment penalties

You bring your drive and enthusiasm and together we can accomplish great things in and out of the office!